Sheriff Joe Arpaio to face criminal contempt of court trial

We have reached an important crossroads in the history of Maricopa County. The choice is now between electing new county officials who understand the meaning of the words integrity, accountability and justice or continuing to support incompetence and corruption in office. Over the past several days since Trump's violent and demeaning statements first came to light I have been challenging my opponent to openly denounce Trump. He remains silent to this very moment. 

I am committed to shining the light on the dark places in order to drive out the corruption and incompetence in county government because justice matters and real leaders who care about their oath of office can not just stand by silently and allow our system to be undermined by selfish political agendas. 

I know that you support our fight against corruption and incompetence so I hope that we can count on you to help us get our message out to the voters. We will make history by working together. Please share this post with your friends who may not know about our campaign so they know that we are here for them and for justice! Join us at


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