Roberts: What is House Speaker David Gowan hiding?

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This article makes an important point about the values of some of our elected officials in Arizona. However, E.J. Montini has overshot his mark in Maricopa County! My opponent is the chief legal officer of our county, he helps shape the course of our criminal justice system, and his office also has the power to investigate government misconduct. And yet he has not issued a single statement against Trump's bigoted statements or his other reckless statements that seem designed to incite violence in his supporters. There is no mystery about the sheriff's unity with Trump but for some reason Dennis Montgomery believes that his silence on this issue means nothing to the citizens of Maricopa County. On the contrary, his silence speaks volumes about his lack of "backbone" as Mr. Montini puts it. My opponent cares about his political future more than he cares about justice in Maricopa County otherwise, he would have already spoken out against Trump's dangerous rhetoric. And if you think for a moment that my opponent's' silence is not a threat to your liberty, then think again because justice is not a partisan concept and someday you or someone you love might be the one who suffers the injustice while our current county attorney sits in silence and watches it happen.

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