Thank you to the Arizona Chapter of the National Organization of Women!

I am proud to say that I have been endorsed by the Arizona Chapter of the National Organization of Women. I have done my best during my legal career to work towards a more just and open society where women are free from sexism, violence and outdated stereotypes which have historically conspired to hold women back in our society. I have worked on these issues as a past chair of the Arizona State Bar Committee on Minorities and Women in the Law, as a prosecutor, as an employer, and as a father to my children. 

In just the past few days we have seen that people like Trump continue to see women as objects and that can not stand. And, we have seen that the current county attorney, Bill Montgomery, has refused to disavow Trump's demeaning and violent language towards women. We can't allow our daughters, wives, mothers and sisters to run that risk of another 4 years under my opponent's watch over the criminal justice system!

As we move towards that final days of my campaign for Maricopa County Attorney it is more important than every that we stand together and work together to build a better Maricopa County! You can join us at

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