Harvard Death-Penalty Study Rips Maricopa County Prosecutors

If I were charged with a crime in Maricopa County, based on what we've seen in capital cases — it's not a place where I would feel confident that the county attorney's office would play by the rules, Robert Smith, a Harvard researcher and director of the Fair Punishment Project-Phoenix New Times-8-24-16.

As a former homicide prosecutor I know the kind of focus and effort that is required to convict someone of murder without compromising justice. The recent report issued by the Harvard Fair Punishment Project about the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is a clear statement that justice isn’t being served in our county. The office of the county attorney is where our communal sense of justice meets the real world and we must do better than our current county attorney.

I remain committed to my position that when I am elected as Maricopa County Attorney I will impose an immediate moratorium on all current and pending death penalty cases in order to reassess whether the cases are truly the “worst of the worst” and also because the people of Maricopa county can no longer trust Mr. Montgomery’s judgment or ability to properly administer justice.


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