Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery calls veteran 'enemy' during marijuana debate

Click on the video link below to see one of the reasons why I am running for Maricopa County Attorney!

For those of us who not only see the problems faced by our returning veterans but who also want to help do something to keep them out of our prisons and jails this video is both shocking and disappointing. My opponent has become so obsessed with the issues surrounding Prop 205 that he has lost all perspective. His personal attacks on the veteran who is featured in this video show a complete lack of self-control and decency. Instead of spending time working on solutions to the problems he has created as county attorney such as the ongoing Freeway Shooter debacle, and the wasting of millions of dollars each year on cases like Jodi Arias he continues to feed his obsession with Prop 205 and its supporters! As your new County Attorney I will focus on all of the issues that matter to the citizens of Maricopa County! Help us fight this type of incompetence and corruption by volunteering with our campaign and or making a donation at

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